Dairy processing plants to open

Glanbia (now MWC) and the Proliant dairy processing plants are currently in the various stages of starting production.

Glanbia chose St. Johns for their new cheese and whey processing plants for several reasons including St. Johns’ central location, and the spirit of cooperation within the St. Johns community. The City of St. Johns, Bingham Township and Clinton county worked closely with CCEA, MEDC, MDOT and MDARD to attract Glanbia and their nearly $550 million development.

The building of the facilities created hundreds of construction jobs and helped boost the local economy. The plants will now provide high quality employment opportunities with over 250 permanent jobs. The new development has additional benefits for our community such as upgraded roads and expanded water and sewer facilities.

Despite the 15-year tax abatement awarded to the new development, the City is now receiving additional water and sewer revenues, and the schools will receive taxes toward their bond indebtedness now.

HIFCM rated number two in Michigan

Hazel I Findlay Country Manor has been rated #2 best skilled nursing facility for 2021 by Newsweek Magazine.

Thanks to the residents, family and staff members for helping them achieve this distinction out of 400 Michigan facilities

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City Commission Newsletter Fall, 2020

Curbside Recycling is a Great Success: As St. Johns residents will recall, the City stopped the Green Trash Bag program last Fall and issued trash curb carts to all residents. The plan was to provide a better way of containing and disposing of trash separate from recyclables. Prior to this change, much of the recyclable materials collected at the curb were contaminated with other household trash and therefore could not be recycled. With the change in procedures came easier sorting, and since the new program was initiated, 100% of all recyclable materials have actually been recycled. That equates to 305 tons of waste not going to the landfill in just the last year. Congratulations and thanks go to all St. Johns residents for their efforts in helping to reduce the City’s carbon footprint.

Community-Wide Master Plan: In the spirit of cooperation and to promote the entire St. Johns community, The City of St. Johns and neighboring Bingham Township have agreed to work together by adopting a Joint Community Master
Plan. A community Master Plan is designed to promote the growth of a community while preserving its character and the attributes valued by its residents.

The City and Township have a history of cooperation and that is a significant reason that the Glanbia and Proliant dairy processing plants decided to build in St. Johns. New development typically leads to other development including housing and more retail establishments as the population is sure to grow. Controlling that growth through a detailed master plan is important to maintain the lifestyle and cost of living that we have all come to enjoy.

Scott Road Improvements and Pathway: Improvements to Scott Road and the addition of a pedestrian/bicycle pathway have been long term goals for the community. The improvements to Scott Road were important to ensure long term viability of a major thoroughfare and the addition of the pathway joins the Meijer Trail to other parts of the City. The overall goal is to have a cohesive pathway system throughout town that also connects to regional paths and recreational sites.

2020 Road Program: We are now in the third year of a five-year program to improve roads in the City. Voters approved a second multi-year road improvement millage program in 2017 and to date, nearly 60% of all streets in the city have been improved.

This year’s program included work on; Cass and Church streets, Clinton Avenue, Astwood Mews Lane and Scott Road. Streets to be improved in 2021 include; Lavalle Court, Glastonbury Drive, Emmons Street, Prospect, Daisy Drive, Chalen Drive, Kelcrasta Drive, Loren Court, Lois Lane, Walker Road, and a secon of Clinton that is in the industrial
park, and currently gravel.

Skilled Trades Job Fair is October 30

Connect with companies to start your career in construction.

The Skilled Trades Job Fair will be held on Friday, October 30 from 8:30 -11:30 a .m. at 6427 Centurion Drive, Lansing, the former Cops & Donuts location.

Here’s a sample of what your future could look like:
– Carpenters $12.47 to $31.92 per hour
– Concrete Finishers $10.18 to $28.86 per hour
– HVAC $13.43 to $33.69 per hour
– Painters $10.93 to $28.55 per hour
– Plumbers $14.46 to $36.15 per hour
– Roofers $9.67 to $30.98 per hour

Make the right choice for your future. Attend the Job Fair and meet with companies hiring for positions in the home building, remodeling and home improvement industry. This is your chance to find the right career for you. On the job training, apprenticeships, so many options.

No experience needed in many positions. Come and explore your career options!

Questions? Contact the HBA of Greater Lansing at (517) 323-3254 or email Cindy Kosloski at ckosloski@hbalansing.com.

Michigan Legislature approves COVID-19 measures

The Michigan House have approved several measures to continue protecting Michigan families from COVID-19 and craft a smarter plan of action for the remainder of the pandemic.

In the wake of the recent Michigan Supreme Court ruling that struck down the governor’s coronavirus-related executive orders, Rep. Graham Filler of DeWitt said the proposals would extend unemployment benefits, allow local boards and commissions to continue meeting virtually, and ensure licensed healthcare workers remain authorized to test people for COVID-19.

“It’s critically important that we all work together to move our state forward safely as this pandemic continues to linger,” said Filler. “Keeping people healthy remains my priority. It’s also vital to make sure the unemployment checks out-of-work Michiganders are relying on to feed their families don’t come to a sudden, screeching halt.”

Senate Bill 886, which received overwhelming bipartisan support in both the House and Senate, safeguards the Unemployment Insurance Agency benefits put in place to address the pandemic and guarantees those claims will continue uninterrupted for the maximum number of weeks allowed by the federal government. The plan would protect workers who left work to self-isolate or quarantine, as well as people who are immunocompromised or need to care for a family member diagnosed with COVID-19. It also ensures job providers will continue to be held harmless for unemployment benefit charges if their employees were laid off because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

House Bill 6293, which Filler sponsored, would provide flexibility to allow licensed health care workers such as physician assistants, registered nurses and pharmacists to continue testing people for COVID-19. This measure also received overwhelming bipartisan support from legislators.

Other measures approved by the House today would:

– Provide local governments, school boards and other public bodies with a method to meet electronically, if necessary, to conduct business and engage with the public (SB 1108).
– Prevent the spread of COVID-19 in nursing homes by implementing common-sense recommendations of the nursing homes task force. The measure prohibits the return of COVID-19-positive residents unless they have fully recovered or the facility has established a dedicated area to properly care for and isolate people with the virus. In addition, the measure allows in-person visitations for all nursing home residents, requires health data reporting and a plan to address the testing needs for our most vulnerable (SB 1094 and HB 6137).
– Allow important documents, such as wills, deeds and other forms to be signed and witnessed electronically through the end of 2020 (HBs 6294-97).
– Allow retirees to return to work to help the UIA or the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration with the overwhelming number of claims without forfeiting their retirement benefits (SB 911).
– Extend the validity of vehicle registrations, driver’s licenses and state identification cards that expired after March 2020, and waive late fees associated with renewing expired documents (HBs 5756, 5757, 6192).
– Establish a plan to safely reopen state unemployment offices and Secretary of State branches to better serve the public (SB 748).

SJMS plans Spirit Week

Monday, October 26 – College Day
The annual Michigan State vs. MichIgan football game is October 31. Support your favorite college by wearing their gear today!

Tuesday, October 27 – Pink Out
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Join them in honoring survivors and loved ones who have battled this illness.

Wednesday, October 28 – Redwing Pride Day
Wear your best school spirit gear! Hair color and face painting allowed as long as you apply it at home. Prizes will be awarded 10 the two “Best Dressed Redwings” in each grade.

Thursday, October 29 – Halloween Costumes
Celebrate the upcoming holiday by wearing your school appropriate costume (no weapons or gore) to school.

Friday, October 30 – Pajama Day at Home
Students participating in Spirit Week will still be expected to wear masks I face coverings and participate in regular school activities, including PE class.