Chamber to hold annual Golf Outing August 25

The Clinton County Chamber of Commerce will be holding their annual Golf Outing at the Emerald Golf Course on Wednesday, August 25, 2021. You do not need to be from a business or a member of the Chamber to participate in this 4-person scramble.

The cost is $290 for your team, and that includes continental breakfast, golf carts, 18 holes of golf, contests, goodie bags, lunch and prizes. Tee-off is at 8:30 a.m.

You can print off the Golf Registration Form at, send an email to or you may call the Chamber of Commerce at 989-224-7248 to request a form.

The Chamber office is currently under construction, but all emails and phone messages are being monitored offsite.

Superhero 5K Registration is Open

The Voice for Clinton County’s Children is looking forward to our 8th Annual Superhero 5K Run, Walk, or Fly! on Saturday, September 25 at the St. Johns City Park.

Proceeds from our 5K supports their essential services for Clinton County children and youth who have experienced human trafficking, neglect, physical abuse, and/or sexual assault.

They remain optimistic that they will host the event in person with a virtual option. Safety guidelines will be followed.

Registration, sponsorship, and event information is available on the website

Will YOUR cape be ready?!

Keep an eye out for ticks

The Mid-Michigan District Health Department is reminding members of the community to keep an eye out for ticks. While ticks are tiny, they can pack quite a punch, especially the blacklegged/deer tick, which can transmit Lyme disease.

Symptoms of Lyme disease include fever, chills, headache, muscle and joint pain, and a bull’s-eye rash at the site of the bite. If not properly diagnosed and left untreated, infection can spread to the joints, the heart and the nervous system.

The best defense against Lyme disease is prevention. If possible, avoid shady, moist areas in wooded and grassy locations, as these are the preferred hiding spots for ticks. If you do need to venture into these areas, walk on well groomed trails and avoid contact with overgrown grass, brush, and leaves.

Other prevention tips include:
– Apply repellent containing DEET or Picaridin to exposed skin, following manufacturer’s instructions.
– Spray clothes with permethrin, which kills ticks on contact.
– Wear enclosed shoes, long pants, and a long-sleeved shirt.
– Tuck pants into socks or boots.
– Use tick prevention products on your pets.

After returning from potentially tick-infested areas, check yourself for ticks and shower immediately to wash off and find ticks that may be on you. Ticks can attach to any part of the body, but are commonly found in the hairline, ears, waistline, groin, armpits and sock line. Do not forget about your pets; be sure to check them for ticks as well.

If you find a tick attached to you or your pet, remove it promptly to decrease the chance of infection. Using fine-tipped tweezers, grasp the tick as close to the skin’s surface as possible. Slowly and gently pull upward with steady, even pressure. After removing the tick, thoroughly clean the area and your hands with soap and water and apply an antiseptic to the bite wound.

If you experience a fever, rash, or muscle or joint aches within several weeks of removing a tick, be sure to see your doctor. Patients treated with appropriate antibiotics in the early stages of Lyme disease usually recover quickly.

If you find a tick and would like to know what kind it is, visit, where you can view photos of ticks commonly found in Michigan. There you will also find instructions how to submit a photo of a tick to Michigan Department of Health and Human Services for identification. A limited number of free tick submission kits are available from your local health department.

FOMR to meet July 21

The Friends of the Maple River (FOMR) will hold their July Bi-Monthly meeting on the Maple River near Elsie at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 21.

Please gather at the Elsie dam parking area on the north side of Island Road just on the west side of Elsie. The primary activity will be to float a section of the river upstream or downstream of the dam, to be determined.

Please make arrangements or bring your own canoe, kayak, etc. and appropriate equipment to participate in the float. There will be a short informal gathering for introductions and to catch up before we disembark on the paddle. Feel free to bring a lawn chair to sit in as you prefer.

There is no charge to attend. There is no specific requirement to wear a mask, but feel free to bring and wear one at your preference. They plan to get back on track with our more traditional meeting format in September and have a speaker already lined up with a tentative meeting date of Wednesday, September 15, location to be determined.

The FOMR would like to share and encourage participation in the cleanup event on the Looking Glass River on Sunday, July 18 in the DeWitt area. More details are available from the Clinton Conservation District.

Concert in the Park Series 2021 Line-up

July 21 — Monday’s Supper (A Taste of Delicious Irish/Celtic Folk)
July 28 — David Gerald (The Best of Detroit Blues)
August 4 — Kari Holmes (Country/Pop/Rock Recording Artist)
August 11 — Rachel Curtis (American Idol Folk/Pop Artist)
August 18 — FRENDZ (Great Vintage Classic Rock)
August 25 — David Bennett Quartet (From Swing to Rock)
September 1 — Matt King (An Award Winning Tribute to Elvis)

Free meals every Tuesday

His Cup Runneth Over, a free meal ministry, will be doing free meals every Tuesday starting Tuesday.

Free meals will be given out from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at First Congregational Church, 100 Maple Ave., St. Johns. They will be located in the back southwest corner of the parking lot.

Everyone is welcome to come, and it is free for all who come. For those unable to pick up lunch, please call to arrange for delivery by Monday.

If you would like to get involved in volunteering or need a delivery call or text 517-388-2005 or 989-544-5764.

New Brown Bag Concert Series line-up

The concerts will be held in the Rotary Park Pavilion by the CIS Trail and Depot rain or shine. There are some picnic tables available to eat at, but it is advisable to bring your favorite lawn chair. Social distancing and safety precautions are encouraged

The Concert Series includes:

July 23 – Elden Kelly – Solo Guitar: Jazz, Pops and Classical

July 30 – Steven Easterling – Songs From Broadway, Spirituals and More with Jeff Richards

Aug 6 – Steve Berkemeier – Singer/Songwriter Covering Songs You’Ll Love

Aug 13 – Clique Vocals – Jazz Ballads, Pops and Contemporary Mix
Dan Templin and Kelly Sandula-Gruner

Aug 20 – Peter Madcat Ruth – Grammy Award Winning Blue, Folk and More
John Churchville

Aug 27 – Kitty Donohoe – Emmy-Award Winner w/ Irishy, Folk and Canadianish

Briggs District Library News

Join the folks from Briggs District Library for this great program with Marvel Comic illustrator Jerry DeCaire on Monday, July 26 at 6:00 p.m. at the Wilson Center Gym.

Register at

For more up to date information visit the library’s website or Facebook page or call (989) 224-4702.


Contact Information:

Library Director: Sara Morrison
Phone: 989-224-4702 * Fax: 989-224-1205
Street address: 108 E Railroad * Saint Johns, MI 48879