MMDHD confirms first Clinton County presumptive positive COVID-19 case

Mid-Michigan District Health Department (MMDHD) has been informed of a presumptive positive COVID-19 case in a Clinton County resident. The specimen will be sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for confirmatory testing.

“We hope this person has a speedy recovery,” said Dr. Jennifer Morse, MMDHD Medical Director. “The Health Department is relying on our communities to work together, be vigilant, and take necessary precautions to slow the spread of illness.”

The Mid-Michigan District Health Department will be contacting those who have been in close contact with the patient and they will be assessed for symptoms and monitored appropriately.

Symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough and shortness of breath. Those experiencing these symptoms and who are at risk of infection (travel to areas with community spread or know exposure to an infected person) should contact their healthcare provider.

Those most at-risk include older adults and those with chronic medical conditions, like heart or lung disease or diabetes.

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, residents should wash their hands frequently for twenty seconds, cover coughs and sneezes, stay home when sick, touch their face less, avoid those who are sick and disinfect commonly touches surfaces.

Mid-Michigan District Health Department will provide additional information as it becomes available. Please visit,, or for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Spring Clean Up scheduled

Spring Clean Up is scheduled for the week of May 4. he pickup day is to be Saturday May 9.

During that week follow the rules of what can be put out neatly at the curb for those who like to “go junkin’.

Soup kitchen plans stops in area

Plans are underway for the 2020 free soup day season.

On Tuesdays they will serve lunch from 11 to 1 at First Congregational Church, St. Johns. Volunteers are needed from 10 to 1:15 for lunch prep, serving and cleanup.

Then the trailer will move to The Meadows Trailer Park, St. Johns to serve from 3 to 5. Volunteers helping with the dinner would need to be available from 2 to 5:15.

On Thursday they will only be serving the first, third, and fifth Thursday of the month at the Salvation Army Food Distribution held at the First Baptist Church, St. Johns from 11 to 1. Volunteers would need to be available from 10 to 1 :15.

They are looking for people who have the ability to pull the trailer to the various locations.They also are looking for someone who can help with making sure the cooking area is cleaned on a weekly basis.

The first day of the season is planned for April 28. The last day is October 27.

St Johns Sea Lions Spring sign-up announced

St. Johns Sea Lions Spring session will start May 4, and sign ups are available on their website.

The Summer session will start on June 15 and is up on the website as well.

Visit Briggs District Library website for ideas

The doors may be temporarily closed, but you still have access to thousands of eBooks and downloadable audiobooks with your Briggs District Library card and Libby.

Visit the website for download and operating instructions

Mancino’s donates food

Being closed for two weeks meant that Mancino’s would have food in their coolers that would go unsold. To avoid having food go to waste a good portion of it was donated to Beacon of Hope in St. Johns so it could be a blessing to those in need.

Thank you to John Leif from First Baptist Church and John Thelen from St. Vincent De Paul for picking up the food so it can be distributed.

Class of 1965 reunion looking for graduates

This is a list of 1965 classmates that we need to get hold of for our August 15 reunion at the Emerald golf course. If you could put these names on line with a request to contact Gary Becker at 517-712-1760 or that would be greatly appreciated.

Terry Allen, Sandra Argensinger Price, Dennis Blakeslee, Allen Boak, Shirley Bowen Goodwin, Susie Burgess, Sherlyn Brzak Lewis, Morris Conklin, Linda Crawford Eldridge, Gary Crawley, Ken Crowell, Claudette Decker McCombs, Juanita Janey DeLeon, Marie DeLong Blevins, William Dershem, Sandra Dershem Vasilion, Roger Dershem, Lois Dodway Drumm, Dennis Dunkel, Karl Dunsmore, Betsy Eaton Lehmanno, Sandra Fleicher Cleveland, Jean Foote Tennis, Bill Gardner, Ron Glass, Carol Greenfield Smith, Barry Hallead, David Hamer, Dennis Hankey, Kathy Harper Hibbler, Gaile Harte Wadell, Louise Henning, Marsha Hiller Eckerle, Georgia Huhn Vroman, Terry Ike, Coral Johnson, Sherry Jolls, Lila Loeppe Wedel, Ralph Kridner, Ernie Kuhns, Robert LaChappelle, Dale Ladisky,, Edwin Lamb, Judy Langlois Hoeve, Mary LeBaron Thimmig, Jean Lewis Bushre, Ruth Light Sell, Kathleen Liszewski Dickerson, Gloria Little Gillespie, Nancy Lockwood Wright, Ken Love, Robert Lowe, Susan Luci Lyon, Candy Lynam Cooper, Leroy Martens, Joe Martinez, Diana Masarik Keim, David Mesh, Terry O’Connell, Darlene Orweller Buck, Judy Osborn Brown, Jim Paksi, Janet Paksi Heath, Howard Parks, Roger Parsons, Joyce Plunkett Johnson, Vicki Pope Peck, Terry Powell, Connie Powers Henry, Marsha Prochazka Snyder, Linda Rhines Myers, Bill Sirrine, Charles Smith, Carla Snyder Trevino, Roger Speidel, Dennis Steffen, Lynette Steward Patterson, Mattie Stockwell Schnapp, Karen Summer Short, Delana Sykora Lewis, Trent Taylor, Kathleen Utterback, James Vardon, Mary Villarreal MacKorell, Jean Walling Doyle, Dale Walton, Connie Williams Gaedart, Larry Wineland, William Young