Journey donates to Arts Council

For the month of August, the Journey Federal Credit Union team raised a total of $225 through dress down dollars and other donations. This was donated to the Clinton County Arts Council.

Big Brothers Big Sisters hosting virtual breakfast event

Big Brothers Big Sisters Michigan Capital Region is pleased to invite Capital Region community members to attend their virtual BIG Breakfast event on the morning of September 23.

The BIG Breakfast is a free, half-hour fundraising event that will be held 100% online. BIG Breakfast participants will hear moving testimonials and inspiring stories from Bigs, Littles, and parents in the program, learn how ordinary actions create extraordinary impact through mentorship, and will have the opportunity to make a gift if they feel so moved.

“We are very excited to host our first virtual Big Breakfast event on September 23rd at 8am, in partnership with Good Fruit Video, and thanks to the generous support of our Title Sponsor, Jackson” says Big Brothers Big Sisters Board Member and BIG Breakfast Committee Chairman, John Varilek. “We know that providing an avenue for our young people to learn and grow through mentoring, increases their chances for future success. We are focused on expanding the reach of our program in an effort to have a greater impact on the lives of our youth. This can only be accomplished through the continued generosity of local businesses and individuals where we work and live.”

Big Brothers Big Sisters, like many organizations in the area, has felt the impact of COVID-19. However, the challenges of this year have not stopped the organization from supporting their program participants and creating innovative solutions to move forward. According to Big Brothers Big Sisters Executive Director, Rich Howard, “despite the unprecedented challenges of this year, our Program staff has been working diligently to provide comprehensive support and wellness checks to all of our matches and families. In addition, we have created a new virtual platform which is not only allowing us to continue volunteer recruitment, but is helping our Bigs and Littles stay in touch. Mentorship may look a little different these days, but we are committed to finding new and creative ways to keep our kids connected.”

The 2020 BIG Breakfast will be held online on Wednesday, September 23 at 8am, and is generously sponsored by Jackson and facilitated in partnership with Good Fruit Video. To RSVP for the event, please visit

Big Brothers Big Sisters Michigan Capital Region serves youth in the counties of Clinton, Eaton, Ingham, Ionia, and Shiawassee. For more information, please visit

Kidney Foundation’s Kidney Walk goes virtual on Sunday, September 13

Every year over 400 walkers and supporters team up to raise funds for the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan’s Greater Lansing Kidney Walk at Hawk Island County Park.

This year, due to the many changes caused by the pandemic, the 2020 Kidney Walk will be a virtual event presented on Sunday, September 13 at 12:00 p.m. on both the NKFM Facebook page,, and its YouTube channel,

The virtual event will include a short program hosted by David Andrews of WILX-TV.

COVID-19 disproportionately affects vulnerable individuals, including those living with kidney disease. keeping the health and safety of everyone involved in mind, the NKFM will not hold an in-person event this year. However, you can participate in the virtual Greater Lansing Kidney Walk from anywhere.

For more information, to register, or to find out about being a sponsor, visit, call the NKFM at 800-222-9800, or email

Remember When? – September 11, 2015
by Maralyn Fink

Lions Club dedicates bench to memory of George Campbell:Kathy Campbell was joined by her grandchildren

On Wednesday evening I attended the Lions Club picnic held at Motz Park. The purpose of the picnic was their year end summer event and also to dedicate a handmade bench in memory of George Campbell, a long time member, who passed away in 2014.

George was a hard working member and very involved with this group for a number of years. If anything needed doing, George was your man and the club was very close to his heart.

Along with Kathy his wife who was a Lioness, they worked every event the Lions had including the pumpkin trot and serving in the lunch trailer at many events.

Hence, last evening was George’s night with many of the group present to honor George with this bench that will be placed at the City Park near the pavilion for all to enjoy and sit a spell.

The Lions Club was very grateful to George for all he did and for his friendship thru the years. He is missed greatly.

Tim Black said that this bench is dedicated to the community in honor of George Campbell and his commitment to Lionism and the community. “I want this bench to be something that his wife can sit on when she comes back to St Johns occasionally and reminisce, and know in her heart that we felt very fond and appreciative of George and grateful for all that he did for us, our club, and the community.”

Maralyn’s Pet Corner – Why Natural Heartworm Treatment Isn’t an Option
courtesy of Jennifer Coates, DVM

Many people are looking for ways to live a more natural lifestyle—and pet parents want to include their pets in this natural lifestyle as well.

While your veterinarian will wholeheartedly support some of your efforts—by helping you pick out an all-natural, nutritionally complete and balanced dog food, for example—they will put their foot down when it comes to more serious health concerns.

One natural approach they definitely won’t support is “natural” heartworm prevention. While you can find a myriad of online articles about common home remedies for heartworms, at the end of the day, prescription medication is the only effective option.

Are There Natural Heartworm Prevention Options?

While there are natural ways to slightly decrease the likelihood that your dog will develop heartworm disease, none are effective enough to make skipping prescription heartworm preventatives a wise or safe decision.
Mosquito-Repellent Tactics

Since dogs contract heartworms through the bite of infected mosquitos, many common home remedies for heartworms involve making dogs less attractive to mosquitos.

The problem is that while mosquito repellents may reduce the number of mosquito bites, they don’t completely eliminate all bites. Just think back to the last time you were slathered in mosquito repellent but still came home with a couple of itchy welts.

Since one mosquito bite is all it takes for your dog to develop heartworm disease, ensuring fewer mosquito bites is not enough protection to be considered an effective, natural heartworm treatment.

Immune-Boosting Methods

Other natural heartworm prevention methods focus on building up a dog’s immune system so that it’s better able to fight off a heartworm infection.

Some of these approaches involve dietary changes or making sure your dog gets plenty of exercise. Your veterinarian will absolutely support a healthier lifestyle for your pup; however, a good diet and exercise regime is not going to protect your dog from heartworms.

Just like with people, a stronger immune system can help reduce the chances of contracting illness, but individuals who “do everything right” still get sick every day. The same can be said about “heartworm prevention” methods that use vitamins or other supplements.

Why Veterinary-Prescribed Heartworm Prevention Is Worth It

Here are several compelling arguments for using conventional heartworm prevention.
Heartworm Prevention Side Effects Are Very Rare

Like any medication, prescription heartworm prevention isn’t completely without risk. Side effects are possible, but most are quite mild and infrequent.

A small number of dogs may experience diarrhea, vomiting or lethargy after conventional heartworm prevention is administered. Seizures or other neurological complications are also possible, as are allergic reactions. And while some serious reactions like these have occurred, they are very rare.

Certain dogs may be more sensitive to particular types of medications, like those with the MDR1 genetic mutation (also known as ABCB1), which is relatively common in herding breeds.

However, FDA-approved heartworm medications are still very safe for these animals at the recommended dosages.

Most adverse reactions to heartworm medications occur in cases of overdose. Therefore, keeping medications in a secure location and using them as instructed will likely prevent your pet from experiencing them.

Heartworm Prevention Is Often Naturally Derived

Many pet owners who seek out natural heartworm prevention for dogs do so because they’re trying to avoid exposing their pets to synthetic chemicals. But many of the active ingredients in conventional heartworm preventatives are derived from natural sources.

Ivermectin (Heartgard, for example), milbemycin (Interceptor, for example) and moxidectin (Advantage Multi, for example) are compounds that come from the fermentation processes of organisms that live in dirt.

The doses of the medications used in heartworm preventatives are also very small. For example, the dosage of ivermectin used for heartworm prevention is 0.0006 mg/kg, while up to 0.4 mg/kg can be used for the treatment of other parasitic diseases in dogs.

Heartworm Prevention is Much Less Risky than Heartworm Disease Treatment

The risks of conventional heartworm prevention are much smaller than those associated with leaving your dog open to developing a potentially fatal case of heartworm disease.

Heartworm treatment is possible, but it is very expensive and involves the use of arsenical medications, which are far more dangerous than prescription heartworm preventatives.

Talk to your veterinarian if you’re concerned about over-medicating your dog. They can help you develop a preventative heartworm plan that is safe for your pet.